Mergers & Acquisitions

Our offerings in Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Advisory Services - divestments of businesses, disposal of strategic assets, identifying strategic partners and joint ventures

    We play the role of an independent trusted partner on behalf of key equity holders and founders of the company; closely guide and assist in negotiations and give an objective advice about the merits and demerits of potential targets.  

    Our global experience and industry domain expertise with an extensive network among the “C” level executives brings a unique perspective to finding the ideal partner for your company.  

    The focus is on the right fit and your growth agenda. It’s the quality of targets that matters not the quantity of how many, which we spend a lot of our executive time trying to find the right synergies.  

    We believe that ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’. Finding the right cultural fit and ensuring that there are enough sweet spots for the companies to come together. While we assess culture in the beginning, we also stay engaged after the transaction to ensure that the cultural integration is seamless and identify the potential mines early to navigate through the integration effort.  

    We provide flexibility to the customers and work with their external agencies like Law Firms and Financial Auditors of the firm to navigate through the transaction.  

    We lead and support :  


    • Create the right target and transaction strategy  
    • Helping the company with the target M&A business plan  
    • Preparing necessary information framework and other communication  
    • Identifying and shortlisting strategic partners  
    • Navigating the structure of transaction  
    • Negotiating terms and valuation components  
    • Supporting the due diligence process  
    • Reviewing and finalizing the transaction documents  
    • Facilitating closure of transaction