Management Consulting

Our offerings in Management Consulting

  • Organization Growth and Business Transformation

    • Organisation DNA diagnostics and assessments  
    • Organisation efficiency and effectiveness assessment  
    • Cultural thumbprint assessment  
    • Decision-rights assessment  
    • Transformation Programs and Initiatives  
    • Change Management  

    We support clients in redesigning their operating model with strategy that’s executable — defined by clear choices and a strong vision for the future — all from step one.  

    Our services include:  

    • Re-engineering for strategic advantage, innovation, and/or efficiency  
    • Restructuring and designing the role of the corporate and business units  
    • Integrating and developing current and desireable capabilities  
    • Redesigning operating model strategy and design  
    • Performance management transformation including design of measures, metrics, and incentives  
    • Communication and change management
  • Cultural & Change Management

    We help clients in diagnostics of their existing culture and help in designing the desired culture through a strategy-through-execution gap approach :  

    • Culture evolution and deploy interventions towards organisation development  
    • Leadership team effectiveness  
    • Critical behaviour development during transformational change  
    • Pride building and committment  
    • Front-line performance transformation  

    For organisational transformation to truly succeed, it must be internalised and lived by your employees. Our strategies are developed with a holistic view that includes both formal and informal aspects of your organisation — to drive actionable change from the very start of our engagement and deliver results that redefine your business for years to come.

  • Development & Efficiency - in people, process and policy

    Opportunities for development and efficiency in an organisation is a continuous process in the current competitive landscape. We could partner in making it successful:  


    • Drive leadership agenda in productivity and efficiency improvement  
    • Leadership changes & organizational restructuring, downsizing and right sizing efforts  
    • Innovation and improvement initiatives, change in line of business, expansion and diversification programs  
    • Technology change or enhancement efforts to address competition and marketplace  
    • Branding and positioning organization, companywide employee communication and engagement efforts

We bring real solutions and interventions to create a framework and cadence to deliver the future. We focus on qualitative and quantitative tools that help the growth journey and helps to sustain and scale the business and processes that help the business.